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Company policy, requests, suggestions

Quality management

Quality policy of our company is based on the following main principles:

      • full customer satisfaction
      • an effort to supply complex forwarding and logistic services and to achieve a strong position in the logistic market
      • continuous decreasing or preventing of claim events
      • satisfaction of business partners and employees
      • improving of company´s culture and image
      • emphasis on the enviromental impact of logistics

Freight forwarding terms and conditions

Each transport performed by our company is subordinated to the regulations of the General Shipment conditions of Association of Logistics and Freight Forwarding of the Slovak Republic (ALFF SR), in version with alterations approved by ALFF SR member convention on 12th May 2005

Transport regulations

Transport regulations of road freight involve haulier´s conditions for concluding a forwarding contract of cargo transportation. The legislation in force refers directly to transport regulations.

Transport regulations of company TIREX spol. s r.o.

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